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Why waste time anywhere else, when we have the best options for chat rooms such as Personal chat rooms, public chat rooms, international chat rooms, chat rooms pertaining to specific age and so on. Start your journey with us right now.

Chat rooms for every type of person

There are multiple chat rooms based on various category.

Chat rooms based on languages
  • These chat rooms are easy to use
  • talk to strangers in the language you know
  • Find people of same lingual community

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Chat rooms based on age/gender
  • These chat rooms will offer men,women to chat and also girls and boys of different ages
  • Talk to starngers of similar interests
  • Make men/women friends online

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Chat rooms based on intrests like dating/friendship
  • Date people online in private chat rooms
  • Take advices and share experiences with strangers
  • Endless chats with guranteed privacy

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Get Started with Web Stranger's Chat Rooms

Web Stranger is a very simple and user friendly online chatting service which requires no registration.

There are various ways to get started with chatting and finding friends online here. Visit our chat rooms page where you will find different types of chat rooms based on gender, age and other categories.

Find the one which interests you the most and start chatting. You will be able to view the number of users online and to what category they belong. For instance, as you can see on the site its showing there are 2 girls online right now where as 4 online users are chatting in Hindi language.

Once you select a chat room, you will be asked to enter an alias or name which will be visible by other online users on the site. You can try to keep an interesting alias or username which works as an attention seeker while chatting online.

Also try to keep a user profile photo to optimize your visibility as an online stranger. After entering the chat room you will be able to other users who are present in the same chat room.

You can see the total count of visitors and their names. There are provisions to leave the chat rooms whenever you wish to do so.

You can also share images with strangers by using the small camera icon. Thus it is really this simple to chat online with strangers of different categories on Web Strangers.